New generation of mass flow controller

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mass flow controller the new generation

The new flox[on] B

Mass flow controller – the new flox[on] B

FC Technik designed a new generation of thermal mass flow controller. the quiet new flox[on] B has a new and economical design, an optimized high performance micro controller, a micro USB port that allows to operate the flox[on] with a PC and can be choosed in three different modifications.

The new USB Port allows to connect the flox[on]B with a PC. In addition with the flox[on] software for windows it is possible
• to get all information about the device,
• to see and to manipulate the calibration data,
• to have a look at the actual operation and to overwrite the set point.

Three standard versions of the flox[on]B are available:
The economic version is useful for standard applications with gases like compressed air, nitrogen or argon.
The extended version is ready to handle gases like hydrogen, methane and oxygen.
The stainless steel version, free of brass components, can be used in applications like food industry.

A gas flow can be regulated from 0.5 to 250 Nl/min. the maximum operating pressure is 16 bar.The regulation of the flow will be made by a pressure compensated proportional valve which is insensitive to incoming pressure (0-16 bar) as well as outflow pressure

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