flox[on] J for huge gas flow up to 5000 Nl/min

The measurement of the flox[on] J mass flow controller for hugh gas flow is temperature and pressure compensated with a very high control accuracy in the lower and upper flow ranges. The adjustment control of the mass flow controller uses a pressure compensated proportional valve of the most recent design, which makes it unsusceptible to pressure fluctuations in the in- and outlet. The flox[on] J mass flow controller is equipped with a high-performance micro-controller. This guarantees an unusually quick and dynamic regulation.


Especially the flox[on] J mass flow controller was developed for controlling hugh gas flows up to 5000 Nl/min.It is often used in the steel and NE-heavy industry.
It is suitable for all noncorrosive gases like, air, nitrogen, argon or hydrogen.

flox[on] J

The new flox[on] J for high flow rates

Instead of the trademark flox[on] you can of course call our mass flow controller floxon too.

Download data sheet flox[on] J here

Data operation flox[on] J

Maximum flowNlmin-15000
Minimum flowNlmin-130
Maximum operating pressurebar16
Regualtion ratio1 : 50/100
Accuracy± 1%
Step response (10% - 90%)s7 or less
Operating temperature°Cfrom -10 to +60

flox[on] J Electrical Equipment

Connection voltageV DC24 ± 15 %
Capacity max.W20
Connection analogset and real value
Bypass SignalV DC24