data for mass flow controller flox[on] J, hugh gas flow

flox[on] J

flox[on] J for huge gas flow up to 7000 Nl/min

The measurement of the flox[on]J mass flow controller for hugh gas flow is temperature and pressure compensated with a very high control accuracy in the lower and upper flow ranges. The adjustment control of the mass flow controller uses a pressure compensated proportional valve of the most recent design, which makes it unsusceptible to pressure fluctuations in the in- and outlet. The flox[on] mass flow controller is equipped with a high-performance micro-controller. This guarantees an unusually quick and dynamic regulation.


Especially the flox[on]J mass flow controller was developed for controlling hugh gas flows up to 7000 Nl/min.It is often used in the steel and NE-heavy industry.
It is suitable for all noncorrosive gases like, air, nitrogen, argon or hydrogen.

Measurement Principle

The measurement is based on the principle of thermal anemometry. The measuring cell is located in the bypass. A gas flow of max. ca. 1 Nl min.-1 undergoes a constant energy feed by means of an electric heating element. The thermal feedback is converted to an electrical signal and then linearized through a calibration curve to give the effective flow rate.

Instead of the trademark flox[on] you can of course call our mass flow controller floxon too.

Data operation flox[on] J

Maximum flowNlmin-17000
Minimum flowNlmin-11500
Maximum operating pressurebar16
Regualtion ratio1 : 40
Accuracy± 3%
Step response (10% - 90%)s1 t0 5
Operating temperature°Cfrom -10 to +60

flox[on] J Electrical Equipment

Connection voltageV DC24 ± 15 %
Capacity max.W20
Connection analogmAThread 1" BSP
Signal Set/Real4 - 20
Bypass SignalV DC24


dimensions flox[on] J



flox[on] J




For noncorrosive gases like air, nitrogen, argon or hydrogen


Housing and flange connector - aluminium

Valve and sinter filter - brass

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get the complete datasheet for flox[on] J here

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