Check Valve prevents Infiltration

Purging plugs check valves designed by FC Technik

Check valve for purging plug

FC Technik check valve for purging plugs

Purging Plug

Ladle treatment with stirring gas by purging plugs is an essential issue within secondary metallurgy. Reliable performance of the stirring plugs in steelmaking ladles is a key factor for accurate steel production.

Disturbances due to loss of stirring efficiency and non-stirring events have impact on treatment times and achievement of steel quality requirements.

Check Valve LCV34

To prevent infiltration at the ladle purging plug a check valve could be installed in the supply piping. The check valve maintains the immediate pressure at the plug in case the supply line discharges.
The check valve type LCV34 is in a stainless steel housing with a spring suitable for higher temperatures. Due to the spring forced closing of the valve it functions in any mounting orientation

Also available is a test unit for purging plugs.

The test unit TST is designed to test the purging plugs in the ladle preparation area. This is to avoid purging failures in the following heat and to prevent the purging plug from unnecessary excessive cleaning (burning, torching) with oxygen.

Test Unit TST for Purging Plugs

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LCV34 Specification

Connection3/4" FBSP or FNPT
Length70 mm
Nominal PressurePN40
Operating Temp.450 °C (continous)
Opening Pressure0.1 bar or 1.5 psi
Nominal Diameter13 mm
Housing MaterialSS304
Spring MaterialInconel90
Operator MaterialBrass Alloy