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In the tradition of legendary Swiss perfectionism we guarantee the precision and robustness, as well as the long and dependable operating lifetime of our machines. FC Technik has a wide range of know-how in steel production as well as secondary metallurgy. So FC Technik can offer taylor made solutions for all precesses that use gases in stell production

flox[control] for the
steel industry

In all phases of modern steel production, gases are used for shielding, stirring or homogenizing. As an alternative to the use of singe mass flow controllers FC Technik offers complete solutions to handle gasflows easily, with high efficiency an economy. flox[control] units were especially developed as taylor-made solutions for the steel industry. The unique robustness and operational dependability of the design ensures maintenance-free operation and user-friendly controls with a maximum of load-bearing reserve.

Convincing Technology

Mass Flow controller of flox[on] series

The new flox[on] B

Heart of the flox[control] units are the mass flow controllers of the flox[on] series, developed by engineeres of FC Technik and well tested for years in the steel industry. All Gas Control Units are produced and tested at Winterthur, Swiss

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FC Technik Gas Control Units

Overview Gas Control Units for the Steel Industry


flox{control} Booster

The FC Technik flox{control} Booster is unique in the world and can be used for different applications in the ladle purging process. Our Gasregulation concept is designed for high pressure applications for the purging ladle bottom system with a max. pressure of 34 bar.

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flox{control} LP

The gas control station and the ladle purging plug define the Ladle Purging System. The gas control station provides all the required features and functions to design the purging process. For the process design, reproducibility, functionality and dynamics are important aspects, the design of the gas control system has to unify all required aspects. Our product range of gas control systems is exactly what our customer want, because we design them according to their requirements. The specification of the flox{on} mass flow controllers cover the full range of Ladle Purging applications. flox{on} mass flow controllers are specially designed to perform in the challenging environment of the steel industry.

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flox{control} RTU       

Selective control and regulation of the lift gas in each individual tuyere of the snorkel guarantees an optimized process and a positive effect on the durability of the refractory material. One of our newest developments is our test unit for lift gas, to proof the tightness and flow-rate of the tuyeres and piping of the snorkel assembly before it goes into operation. Gas consumption, flow and pressure can be measured and documented to guarantee 100 % availability and increased functionality of each snorkel.

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Shroud Anti Aspiration Control

flox{control} SAAC

The SAAC system provides shielding gas to the ladle shroud gasket. The shielding effect is used to protect the steel from air contact. Oxygen from ambient air may cause unwanted oxidic inclusions. Ambient air may cause also nitrogen enrichment, which may have a negative influence on some steel properties. To protect the steel stream inside the ladle shroud the FC Technik AG SAAC system provides different functions. The adequate function can be selected by operator interaction or by predefined system algorithm.

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kombi_gas2Combi comprised all relevant purging-, shielding-
and control-functions.
Following processes can be determined:
• Controlled Ladle Purging (CLP)
• Regulation of the gas amount during casting at the ingots
• Shielding at the collector nozzle of the ladle
• Testing of the purging plug (TST) at the ladle preparation area

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flox{control} TST

The test unit TST is designed to test the purging plugs in the ladle preparation area. This is to avoid purging failures in the following heat and to prevent the purging plug from unnecessary excessive cleaning (burning, torching) with oxygen.

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To prevent infiltration at the ladle purging plug a check valve could be installed in the supply piping. The check valve maintains the immediate pressure at the plug in case the supply line discharges.

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Reduced Argon consumption with Argon recovery system for Ladle Purging. We can collect up to 95% of the Argon which discharges at the end of the purging process. A combination of receiver, compressor and pressure vessel can save the Argon for the start of the next treatment process. The amount of saved gas depends on many aspects like, size and length of the pipes, number of plugs in the ladle and also the conditions of the purging plug. For typical installations 3000 to 9000 m3 Argon per year can be reused

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