Gas Control Units

We offer specialized gas control units for many applications in the steel industry, aluminium industry and general industrial applications. Design, engineering, assembling, programming and testing of gas control Units and mass flow controller are our core capabilities. Customized solution or standard system – we are the right partner for gas control projects. Tell us about your process – we design the optimized control unit.

Gas Control Unit for Ladle Purging

Gas Control Unit for Ladle Purging

Gas Control Units

Mass Flow Controller

The flox[on] mass flow controller was especially developed for use in heavy industry. The unique robustness and operational dependability of the design ensure maintenance-free operation and user-friendly controls with a maximum of load-bearing reserve. This makes it the ideal solution for pressure and flow regulation of gases in many fields of application.

Mass Flow Controller made by FC Technik

The new flox[on] S FC Technik

Mass Flow Controller

Pressure Control

It is not in any case necessary to control the mass flow but only to control the pressure.

So FC Technik developed a new control pressure gadget on the technique of the flox[on] series, the flox[on] Pressure Control.

Pressure Control

The new flox[on] S Pressure Control

Brand new series of pressure control

Swiss Made Gas Control Units

All Gas Control Units and Mass Flow Controller are developed and well constructed by FC Technik, a company with headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland. There are activities all around the world. We offer our customers the advantages through many years of experience in gas control components and systems.

Metallurgic Industry

Over 25 years, we have specialized in serving the metallurgic industry. FC Technik develops and produces the flox[on] mass flow controller. These MFC´s are the core of most of our gas control Units. Our company’s collective passion is the control of flowing gases in nearly every process.


The measurement of the flox[on] mass flow controller is temperature and pressure compensated. Therefore they have  a very high control accuracy in the lower and upper flow ranges.

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