Taylor Made Projects – Gas control Units with flox[on] Mass Flow Controller

These are Examples for taylor made projects for different metallurgical applications.

Customers Requirements

FC Technik has a deep knowledge of production processes in the metallurgical industry. Over more than two decades FC Technik goes with all technical developments of gas control as important part of steel or aluminum production. And as every customer has his own special requirements of gas control, FC Technik uses her top of the art innovations to create solutions like a Booster Gas Control Unit, an Argon Recovery Unit or special Test Units that optimize production processes.

Innovative Technology

Core pieces of all gas control units are mass flow controller of the flox[on] series, high sophisticated in measuring temperature and pressure compensated with very high control accuracy as well as immune to stringent conditions of metallurgical industry. All theses units combine kind operation with economic effectiveness by handling gases on an automated, high technical level.

Market Place

mass flow controller flox[on] series and gas control units

gas control units for steel production

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