Gas Flow as part of the Process

In many production processes the handling of gas flows is one of the important step to quality. There are many ways to proceed. But the most elegant and economic way is to use mass flow controllers of the flox[on] series. And if there is more than one mass flow controller, it makes sense to combine them to a gas control unit. FC Technik is your partner to offer you taylor made solutions.
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Gas Control Unit

12 Line Gas Control System

12 Line Gas Control Unit for the Steel Industry

Taylor Made Solutions

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Swiss Made

FC Technik in Winterthur

In the tradition of legendary Swiss perfectionism we guarantee the precision and robustness, as well as the long and dependable operating lifetime of our machines.


The flox[control] units were especially developed as taylor-made solutions for the steel and NE-heavy industry. The unique robustness and operational dependability of the design ensures maintenance-free operation and user-friendly controls with a maximum of load-bearing reserve. Heart of all flox[control] units are mass flow controllers of the flox[on] series.

Convincing Technology

In all phases of modern steel and NE-production like aluminium, gases are used for shielding, stirring or homogenizing. As an alternative to the use of singe mass flow controllers, FC Techniks offers complete solutions to handle gasflows easily, with high efficiency and economy.

Have a look at our taylor-made solutions to handle gasflows in the

steel industry

Have a look at our taylor-made solutions to handle gas flows for the

aluminum production