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perfectly swiss made

All mass flow controller of the flox[on] series and all gas control stations are not only state of the art but developed and designed in best tradition of legendary Swiss perfectionism by FC Technik AG. They are the ideal solution for pressure and flow regulation of gases.


A lot of brochures give all information the customer needs. All of them are part of these web pages. Their design is a reflection of swiss perfectionism. Background graphics are especially designed for FC Technik by fractal mathematics. They are created with the program mandelbulber. Of course you can use them free as wallpaper.


You can get all background graphics here in high resolution as a download to join end enjoy the world of Mandelbrodt. All these wallpapers you can use free for your purpose. World of Mandelbrodt  

Wallpaper 4

Wallpaper 5

Wallpaper 6

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