Booster Gas Regulation Unit finished

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Delivery of Booster Gas Regulation Unit

A new Booster Gas Regulation Unit is ready to be delivered to the customer. This system, one of our Gas Control Units, is an add-on to a Ladle Purging System to provide high pressure Argon at any time of the treatment process.

The System is designed to store 500 liters at maximum 34 bar, this is sufficient for two treatment stations. The Ladle Purging PLC controls the Booster System for a seamless integration in to the main process.

The Booster System enables the possibility of a continuous gas-flow during the whole process. Our thermal Mass-Flow-Controller, heart of the gas control unit, are nowadays state of the art and setting up the desired flows with the corresponding indicator. The quick transformation from Set- to Real-Values increase the treatment speed. The new generation of our MFC‘s, we call them flox[on], is very stable in the gas flow at fluctuating back pressure. The reproducibility is an essential advantage for the treatment cycle in the refining treatment.

FC Assembly hall for Booster Gas Regulation Unit and other gas control units

Booster Gas Regulation Unit to be delivered

More information about this unit booster gas regulation unit

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