Container Inertisation System

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Container Inertisation System

Container Inertisation System

For a customer in Switzerland we just built a gas control and mixing system to inertisate containers for chemical substances, a container inertisation system. The system can automatically provide a predefined amount of a predefined mixture of two gases trough a special lance system into the containers.
The system is installed on a mobile rack carrying the 4 gas cylinders, the gas control system and the lances. The gas control is done by our own developed massflow controller of the flox[on] series. see also:mass flow controller

mass flowcontroller as a part of container inertisation systems

mass flow controller developed by FC Technik

There is a touch screen to do the process settings each lance has a button to start the process from the actual lance position.
This container inertisation system shows the versatile possibilities of using mass flow controller in deverse processes as well as the high skills of customer orientated development by FC Technik.