Compact Booster Sytem

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Compact Booster-Gas-Regulation-Unit for Ladle Purging

Booster Sytem by FC Technik

Compact Bosster for Ladle Purging

The FC Technik Compact Booster-System is unique in the world and can be used for different applications in the ladle purging process. Our Gasregulation concept is designed for high pressure applications for the purging ladle bottom system with a max. pressure of 34 bar.
The system is independent from the application in the ladle refining process. It can be used as well as for soft-bubbling/alloying or temperature adjustment etc.. Used gases are Argon or Nitrogen. This new system enables the possibility of a continuous gas-flow. Our thermal Mass-Flow-Controller are nowadays state of the art and setting up the desired flows with the corresponding indicator. The quick transformation from Set- to Real-Values increase the treatment speed. The new generation of our MFC‘s is very stable in the gas flow at fluctuating back pressure. The reproducibility is an essential advantage for the treatment cycle in the refining treatment. Our electric, active workings Booster-Unit characterizes particularly with regard to the comparatively high capacity and the end-pressure. This yields a very high availability of the purging elements and has a positiv effect to the refractory material. The control of our Booster-Unit and the required additional equipment, starter, 3-phase connection, valves and pressure sensor are the component parts of the common controller.